Sound Off: Satanist Sues For Not Being Allowed To Practice ‘Religion’ In Jail

A Montana jail inmate is suing his local jail for $10,000,000 for not allowing him to practice his satanic beliefs behind bars. Jason Indreland says the jail staff won’t let him keep his satanic bible and book of satanic rituals. He also says the jail is harassing him by encouraging him to find God. He says he should be free to practice his satanic beliefs in prison. What do you think? Should jails allow inmates to practice satanic beliefs? Email

Ya can’t have it both ways, if kids cannot have Christianity in school because of “separation of church and state” you cannot have Satin in a governmental building for the same reason. Case closed!! -John

And people wonder why inmates are called “cons”. -Rob

$ 10, Mill, is a bit much to sue a prison, but why would anybody in their right mind worship the devil, Satan anyway? But it is his religion nonetheless, an his right, i guess. I God wants him bad enough, then GOD well do something about it.  –Byron(Spokane)

If we have to allow white supremacists to parade in Idaho, them I would think this is know different. In fact, give them an opportunity and place to practice in private. The less attention paid to attention seeking behavior, the less it will get. -Kim(Hayden)

So this man, Indreland, is arrested for felony drug possession, convicted after police found him with 15 grams of meth in March 2007. [reference] He files a million dollar federal lawsuit against Yellowstone County, saying jailers wouldn’t allow him his “religious medallion” and denied him access to a “satanic bible” (interesting, using the name “bible”) or his “Book of Satanic Rituals.” The jailer (he says) also made fun of him and punished him for believing the way he did. Apparently, “Christian-natured greeting cards were slid under his cell door…something he felt was unacceptable, considering he was in jail for quite some time. He also states he was ridiculed and punished for his “religious beliefs.” Christians have been martyred in countries for years, sitting in jail for just having a Christian Bible in their possession or sharing their beliefs. They have been and continue to be, beaten, tortured to death, boiled in oil…and they hadn’t been selling drugs or anything illegal. As for lawsuits…I don’t recall any. In the military, we were told we couldn’t bring a Christian Bible with us, or display a cross as well. This poor fellow, caught with meth, locked up and not allowed to study devil worship…which will show him the way…back to jail/prison. The choices we make are sometimes more difficult for some than others. -CJ

Well, we sure bent over backwards to accommodate the American murderers in Gitmo and that was not religiously protected as on American soil! -Tim

Is the jail allowing Christian inmates to keep a bible or other religious books? If so, then the inmate should be allowed to have his satanic bible and books. We may not like his beliefs, but he has the same rights as a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or any other religion. Our constitution specifically guarantees it. If you don’t believe in freedom of religion, find another country. – Kathy(Clarkston)

Too bad, so sad, they be mad, I be glad. You want your freedoms obey the laws of the land and stay out of jail. -John (Post Falls)

If inmates want to go to worship a religion that sends them to Hell—let them. I can’t think of a better place for most of them. -Duane(Newman Lake)

I don’t understand isn’t he living in hell,now? If he doesn’t think it is hell the guards need to be tougher on him. -Nick

I don’t think he should be able too! He is there for doing wrong things … So why let satin be involved in his jail sentence!? -Ryan

Arrange for hem to pray to Satan in person. -Dave(Spokane)

Well their are many religions and if he wants to practice and bring a demon to his room and be tormented so be it! We are in a free country to worship even a light bulb, all though I would suggest they read Gods true words and find out the truth where you will go when you die! You will go to heaven or to hell period and you can only serve one God, He needs to find the truth! –Cynthia(Spokane)

Is the lawsuit frivolous and a waste of tax payer’s money? Yes. But America is founded on separation of Church and State. As long as his actions are lawful, he has the right to read and practice whether we like it or not. -Heather

Number one, I believe Satanism is what screwed him up in the first place. Been there, done that, and when I was active, I was anti everything that was right for society. I don’t believe Satanism should be allowed in ANY social structure. It is an anti-religion, so shouldn’t be allowed. There is nothing good coming out of this type of worship. This guy needs to take the time he has, no pun on words, and REALLY take a look at his life, and how he got where he is at. -Dave(Coeur d’Alene)

I think the guy should practice his Satanic religion in jail, cast a spell on the guards and then make his escape. This way he wouldn’t have to sue anyone. -Nadine(Spokane)

My son is an Army Chaplain’s Assistant. He says every year the Army is forced to recognize more and more ‘religions’ under the false guise of tolerance. So, how long can the United States remain united when diametrically opposed viewpoints, goals & objectives are supposedly lent equal credence? Can a house divided against itself really stand? –Tom(Usk)

Much as I dislike the idea, the satanic worshiper should be able to have access , in rhw prison library, under lock & key, to read his religious materials. All the other “religions have availability. But any materials that encourage lawlessness, or violence should not be allowed. Used to be though, that penitentiaries provided a Bible & nothing else. Now that is a great idea, from our forefathers. -Trudi(CDA)

No way he needs to get God find God for he needs to know God and His true love, Satan dose not care for no one no one! Satan will drag any one he can to hell and he is getting many like him! Practicing satans ways will bring the worst of things on our planet, they conger up demons and many are roaming our planet!Why do you think we have evil in this world cause people like them are bring them straight out of hell! Demons went against God from the very beginning and they will be going to the lake of fire soon! We do not need no more demons in our world they will control the air more then ever! -Cyndee(Spokane)

Inmates are in jail to be punished, and should have no rights. Maybe if this man wanted to practice his religion, he should have obeyed the law, and then he would have his freedom. Besides church and state are supposed to be separate, if an inmate wants religion, let his family pay for it and not the tax payers. -Ivan

I am against satanism but we do have this thing in our Constitution that gives us freedom of religion. Amen. –Chris(CDA)

Well if we want to be politically correct then yes he has the right to practice his “religious” beliefs. Does the jail stop other jail mates from practicing their religion when there in jail. Weather it is Mormon, Christian, Jewish, etc?  Most likely they don’t care. Personally his “belief” may be why he is where he is at and may want to re-consider practicing his beliefs. -Sandra

If they allow the Wican religion and any other forms of witchcraft, then they’d have to be even-handed and allow his satanic beliefs. (Then turn their backs when the other inmates murder him). -MJ

Yep let him have his solitaire confinement! -Judy

If your are in prison, It’s my opinion that you have given up most of your rights, if you have been convicted of any serious crimes. Inmates in some cases waste tax dollars requesting public record and then suing when the records are not retrieved. The lawyers that waste the courts time on these cases should be fined. Then we may not see as many frivolous lawsuits. –Tim

I think that he should be able to believe what he believes and read what he wants as long as it affects no one else but the law suit is bunk.. NO Way. -Nancy(Otis Orchards)

Since this is a religion, yes it should be allowed even in jail. As long as the rituals are not dangerous and can’t physically hurt anyone, the inmate should be allowed to keep his book and be given time and space to practice his religion. As for being “harassed”…as a Christian I would hope to convert the man but not to the degree of harassment. -Roxanne

As much as this story disgusts me, this country WAS founded on a principle of freedom of religion. I don’t buy the harassment part though. Let him keep his books but continue the encouragement. $10,000,000? This one has frivolous written all over it. -Mike

Sure why not. They get to play games, watch TV, workout, use the phone, work, sell products via phone and have conjugal visits,,,,, for most it’s too late for God, thats why they are their in the first place! –Bobby

We must allow freedom of religion in jails but there has to be some limit. To me the limit stops short of this and I would not allow inmates to practice satanic beliefs as I feel that they are just seeking an excuse to challenge the system. -Dave(Pullman)

The constitution guarantees freedom of religion! The denial of an inmate to practice satanic worship should be determined in a Court of Law! He should be allowed to worship whomever he pleases! Satan would not be my first choice, however! –Harold(Pullman)

God uses the foolish things of the world to confuse the wise. God loves everyone, and if the Lord uses this for this person to see That, and as well others in this lost world. Then praise be to God. There is a place for Satin, and that is Hell. And we have the option to not go there. And He has provided a way out, and that is through Jesus Christ. He is the only Way to God. -Larry

He is entitled to his beliefs – not his stuff. He is in jail not day-camp. If hearing about God is torture to him them keep up the good work. (maybe we could get some of those Wall Street bandits in there with him.) –Dennis

Regardless of my opinion on religion or sects generally or specifically, Congress is prohibited from interfering with religion, regardless of the status of practitioners; by “incorporation”, the First Amendment applies to states. Prisoners have not lost their protection from govt interference in religion, just because of their incarceration – First Amendment protection extends to all people subject to jurisdiction of the US and state governments. Period. -Jim(Thompson Falls)