Sound Off: Mother Jailed, Sentenced To 3 Months For Attacking Sex Offender

A Tacoma mother who attacked a sex offender with a baseball bat has been sentenced to three months in jail. Tammy Gibson says she saw the sex offender talking to her daughter, offering her fireworks. She beat the man, and now has pled guilty to assault charges to avoid an even longer jail sentences. Gibson says she was protecting her child, and she’d do it again. What do you think? Should she face jail time for attacking sex offender? Would you have done the same thing? Email us:

In all reality, I’d need more information in what he was convicted of in the first place. I’ve heard of 18-19 yr olds getting convicted for having a relationship with 15-17 yr olds that they go to school with… That’s ridiculous in my opinion. I also know someone who had a friend of his get together with a girl he met at happy hr in a bar. He was 24 and she was supposedly 22. It turned out that she was only 16.  That’s crap by the way.  In summary, I need more details in order to make an informed evaluation of the situation.  Lacking that clarity I’d say in general, yes, she should face the same punishment anyone else would for beating someone with a baseball bat. If someone previously convicted of robbery goes into a store does he/she deserve to be beaten or otherwise treated any differently? She should’ve simply taken her child away, told him she didn’t want him around her children, and checked with the police to see if he had a condition of his release that restricted him from being around children. If such a condition existed the police could get involved. We have laws and courts for a reason. In general, and again not having all the information for this particular case, people who have served their sentence have done their time.   However, if someone was attempting to abduct, or otherwise do harm to her child, she’d be absolutely justified in the beat down (regardless of that person being a convict, friend, movie star, pastor, etc.).  -Dave (Spokane)

Absolutely no jail time for her, just get her a bigger bat and turn her loose. -Bodie

Depends. Unfortunately for decent law-abiding citizens, we have to wait until someone actually commits a crime before we are entitled, legally, to strike back. If this woman attacked, unprovoked, she’s lucky she didn’t kill him and get life in prison for murder. Otherwise, it would be nice for those who consider themselves law-abiding to be able to enforce laws without first having to suffer harm, which I would suppose was what she might have been doing if it was against probation or other “rule” for that person to be talking to anyone’s child. -Jim(Thompson Falls)

I think the mother had every right to do what she did. He was a level 3 sex offender, what was he even doing near children in the first place? I would do it to protect my child or anyone else’s! -Christina (Plains, MT)

My personal opinion she did what most of people only think about doing to these sexual preditors. Personally I think our laws are to soft on these sexual peditors and that the law should reguire sexual peditors to be gastrated the same as we do to dogs and cats. It would be a sure fire way to stop anyone who’s thinking of preying on our children as they have to carry a pee bag around their neck where ever they went out in public. -Steven

No she should have just called the police and he would have went to jail or come out tell her kid that he is a sex offender and took her in the house and how did she that who is watching over her kid now this is why we need to find a way to keep a eye them some how? -Wayne (Spirit Lake)

About time, I probably would have done far worse. The judge should be locked up for being stupid. Go girl go. -Peggy(Post Falls)

I would have helped her …. -Corissa

What right did that dam sex offender have to try an sell fireworks to a little girl? Instead of using a bat, I would have chewed out an cussed at that freak. -Byron(Spokane)

I am not a violent person, but I think what that mother did was perfectly reasonable. She was protecting her child from a dangerous person. Most sex offenders do reoffend, and as pointed out in other posts, was most likely ordered to stay away from children. They are also very good at scoping out victims and grooming them for future abuse… if it were my child, I probably would have done the same thing. It’s called protecting your family when the scope of the law no longer can. -Rachel(Spokane)

Another example of our wonderful justice system at their best. And I suppose the jerk that got his clock cleaned by the baseball bat is on the loose. Hope the mother had good aim to where the sun don’t shine. -George

Are you kidding me? The sex offender probably got three strikes. I think she deserves at least swings. She’s a hero. -Mike (Greenacres)

I truly believe the sex offender that approached the child when specifically being told not to bother children, (depending on whether the age was listed in court case, and when released it was changed to keep the age limit appropriate) should get more time.  This would be a second offense in my opinion.  Even though he was supposedly offering her fireworks, what would come next after she recognized him?  Our laws are too easy on sex offenders.  The parent I am sure was at her wits end.  Can’t believe she is having to serve jail time.  Our laws need to be changed to protect not only children, but everyone concerning sex offenders. Communities have no choice these days when they move in.  It seems they have more rights than the average person!  It is a very long and tedious process to change these laws but it can be done.  Everyone needs to start complaining to their legislators, getting petitions, and gathering groups in communities concerning these problems.  I believe the statistics listed are not really right.  There are fewer than 33% that never reoffend again. -Judy (Medical Lake)

My husband just suggested that someone make the judge and the prosecuting attorney serve six months WITH the sex offender.  Maybe they will learn something? This is such a miscarriage of justice!! -Robin(St. John)

OMG! This is ridiculous, how dare a mother be punished for protecting her children! Any person with since would have recognized the situation and should show others that type of behavior is not tolerated and will never be. Here is a man that target children for their own kicks should go to prison and be condemned by society. The system needs to be updated and restructured. I seriously HATE sexual predator offenders. -Theresa

Have we already forgotten about Duncan?  This woman should be given a medal not jail time.  Our justice system needs an overhaul or better yet put the Judge’s child in the same setting and let’s see what the Judge would do. -Joyce

It looks like the felon gets off while he is on probation from a sex crime what in the hell is the matter with our justice system to bad she didn’t kill the sob she has no reason to be jailed to protect her child I say let’s take up a petition for her release & put the real criminal behind bars our kids don’t need people like him anywhere near them lock him up not the innocence folks next time I hope he gets what really needs to be done to the sicko may god be with the mother who is being punished to protect her loved one. -Harley

The lady hurt a bad person good for her give the lady a medal, if it was me and my daughter at risk. What is next will he sue? Just like our liberal justice system, he would probably win. Folks lets stand behind this lady, we could be next. -Nick (Twisp)

As I understand it he was a level 3 offender which according to the law states he is to have NO contact with children of any age.  She did what any mother would do unfortunately he is still walking around.  Good for her and don’t feel that any jail time for her is justice. -Karen(Sandpoint)

The Mom should not have to do anytime!! Where is the justice in this! If I understand it right the sex offender was not to be anywhere near a child, and he was talking to the girl!! Come on let’s get real! What do you think he was leading up to? I believe we should have much tougher laws for sex offenders, like the death penalty. Maybe than we wouldn’t have so many. -Linda

Yes, she should face jail time.  We have a system in place to protect the people and she should have used it.  I would have taken a picture of the situation and contacted the police.  Hopefully, she will realize that her actions have caused her to be unable to protect her daughter for 9 months while she sits in jail. -Rachel(North Spokane)

She did just fine!  Anyone who has been the victim of a sexual crime knows how bad it messes up your life and should do whatever it takes to prevent their children from experiencing the same. I would have done the same thing, no doubt! -Janelle

I think she did the right thing. If it were me, I would have done worse. I think we should be calling the Prosecuting Attorney’s office in Tacoma and voicing our opinions.  Am I wrong, or should that man NOT be talking with ANY children as a Class 3 Sex Offender? -Brad (Kettle Falls)

I don’t think the mother should be going to jail, they should buy here a nice dinner for what she did!!!!!  Good for her. -Mark(Wenatchee)

YES!!!  The woman should spend the time allotted under the LAW in jail for assault.  By the way, first degree assault usually carries a one year sentence, (at least for MOST people) not three months, and using a very dangerous weapon such as a baseball bat easily constitutes first degree assault!  I will agree that the man had no business speaking with the child, and since the mother seemed to already know that, why didn’t she just call the police after loudly reminding the man that he was breaking the rules under the DOC.  My biggest concern here is why you seem to be insisting that the woman be allowed her brand of vigilante justice.  By asking this question you are only inviting the public to see HER side of the story, with no regard for equal justice under the law.  I will be looking into this with an attorney very closely, and even though this state does not do things according to the actual constitution anymore, I will take this to court if I can.  Your broadcast is inciting nothing but hatred which will more than likely lead to more violence… Is this your actual goal?????   SHAME ON YOU!!!!  -Andrew

I can’t help side with the mother of the little girl. “AND” the sex offender “DID” Break the law. No contact with children….! Means just “THAT” no contact. To be where there was a child let alone offering her fire Crackers. “Befriending Her.” What does a Person have to do? Wait? Until he has harmed or killed her???  My god!! We do need new Laws but what I am afraid of is they won’t make any difference. They won’t be enforced either!!! The guilty seem to have more rights then the innocent. I am glad the mother did what she did!! Mothers of America, go, go, go!! -Gayle

Wasn’t this guy told not to have contact with children? I would say talking to a child is a form of contact. Was he not breaking the law?   I applaud her actions.  I would have done the same to protect an innocent child.  I am grandmother of young children and always worry about these sick and evil people hurting the ones I love.   If a mother or grandmother can’t protect her own, who will? -Robin(Spokane Valley)

To sentence that mother to ANY jail time is ridiculous. A convicted sex offender with a directive to have NO contact with children is HAVING contact with a child, and it’s YOUR child. Give me a break–this was clearly a case of a mother protecting her child. Don’t put her in jail. Give her a medal, throw her a party, and celebrate her quick thinking.  Moms will do whatever it takes to protect their children. If you see a demon striking up a conversation with your little girl, are you going to politely intervene with a calm, “Excuse me, sweetie, let’s just go now…”??? Call me backward, but I believe in the virtues that made America great: honesty, bravery, and right action. -Cyndi(Valley)

Good thinking Washington state legal system- you just left an 11-year-old girl motherless for three months, making it more likely she’ll get into trouble or be the victim of a crime. But as long as that sex offender is protected. Good Lord, and we wonder why we’re in such a sorry state of affairs. -Fran

The seven-foot giant was breaking the law by making contact with children. Personally, I think Tammy should have beat him to a bloody pulp, and NO she does NOT deserve time in jail. She is a hero. -Joyce

The mother who beat the sex offender with a bat had every right to protect her child. I would have done the same or worse and she does not belong in jail. -JD

No, she should not spend time in jail for protecting her child from a registered sex offender!  This is stupid and irresponsible on the part of our legal system that protects the criminals but
would have accepted no responsibility
if the little girl would have been abused or killed.  The offender was the individual breaking the rules/law of his parole, by approaching a minor!!!!  He should be jailed, not the mother who was protecting her child! -Lou

Protecting your child is a parent’s first responsibility. In that action she attacked a sex offender that was violating his order to not have contact with children. Now we should never take the law into our own hands, but if she feels justified for her action and the courts felt 3 months is fair, then justice has been served. But unfortunately now her daughter is without her mother’s protection for three months. -Sean

If we’re ever again going to keep our kids safe from sex offenders, we first need to jail porn producers like Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt.  They are the root problem! -Tom(Usk)

This Tacoma mom was only doing what a lot of us would, this guy was breaking the law by just talking to the child, and this was breaking the court order. He should be back in jail for years. Way to go girl!!! -Bob

While we still have to uphold the law, she has done what every parent would feel like doing in the same situation.  She felt that her child was in danger and acted to protect her child.  She should be held accountable for her actions, but I surely admire her for doing what she had to do to keep her child safe. -Stacey (Maple Valley)

Good for her!  She shouldn’t go to jail, she should be rewarded.  Mother’s around the nation ought to rally behind her and  send a message to all child offenders that we’re just not going to sit idly by – we’re gonna do whatever’s necessary to protect our children. -Gwen

I think it is outrageous that the woman was sent to jail. A sex offender has no business speaking to any ones child and he was under court orders to stay away from children. She was only trying to protect her daughter, which should be a parent’s right and obligation. -Debbie(Hayden)

As disappointed as I am (and I am SERIOUSLY disappointed) at the way courts handle sex offenders, no matter what level they are, I think there could have been a better way to get him away from her kids or the neighborhood kids. Unless of course he was caught “doing” something to the children, then a serious cause of action would be needed. She needs punished, but I am unsure as that her three month jail time is the accurate punishment. -Sandra(Pinehurst)

Wait a minute.  This Level 3 sex offender was talking to an 11 year  old girl?  How is that not illegal?  I am proud of this woman that she had the courage to stand up for her family.  I hope I have the courage to stand up for my children the same way. -Nichole(Rathdrum)

Sex offenders do not live with the same laws that average Americans do.  Juvenile sex offenders are untreatable and I praise her actions to protect her child.  She is my hero.  -Ron

I think they should give that lady a trophy for whacking the tallest sex offender in the state, that judge must not have children.  I WOULD HAVE BEAT HIM WORSE THAN THAT !!!!!!! -Hannah(Priest River)

I hope she beat the crap out of the pervert. Jail Hell, Give her a Metal!!! -Jerry

If I saw a sex offender talking to my daughter, I’d be up on murder charges. I praise her. -Chris(CDA)

That lady should have got stiffer sentence for not having a long nail in that baseball bat! -Jim

I would like to know if I can donate a few $$ to her jail fund to go to her in jail……… Because as a male, I would have done a lot worse!!!!!!!!!! -John

Wow!  That’s a tough one.  On one hand, assault IS assault.  On the other, is it assault to step in to protect another person from harm?  I think it comes under the heading of protection of life. If you killed a rattle snake who was threatening another person, it wouldn’t even be discussed.  I don’t really see a difference other than the size and shape of the threat.  -Gaby(Colville)

Nope, she shouldn’t be in jail for protecting her kid.  -Shelly

Instead of jail time she should be put in charge of sex offender rehab programs -Dana

Should she have waited for him to rape her daughter? -Molly

If I knew the person was a sex offender, and offering fireworks to my child, I would go get my daughter out of the situation, then I would report the incident to the police. The mother was just trying to protect her child, I do applaud her for her efforts, but the baseball bat was just a little too much in my personal opinion. -Misty

I think its plain outrageously ridiculous! They’re basically saying that they don’t give a rats butt about others grief. Proving what this world has come to, everyone could care less about others feelings when it come to money. Money, Money, Money! How ridiculous and plain out dumb. I think they definitely should NOT remove the memorial. I lost my brother three years ago and it helps to have the memorial set up at the site. Sure that’s what cemeteries are for, but should we show respect to the ones who were on their way home but was killed in a hit and run! Show some respect people. To the victims and the family. I mean get real. Families already have to deal with the pain and hurt of losing a loved one but also they are usually stuck with much more pain of never knowing how they were really killed and to know that whoever killed their loved one is still out there enjoying life and possibly killing more people. It really truly doesn’t matter how much time has passed since someone has died, no matter what everyone will still have the pain inside them. Sometimes they have better control or it yet others they crumble to pieces.  **To the Government and State: If you guys wonder why so many people disrespect you and have so much hate towards you it’s because things like this. Instead of worrying about “Oh I’m going to get big buck, now I can go get that new flat screen!”, be a real fellow citizen to the people of Spokane and show that it’s not only money you care about, show some respect and compassion. I strongly feel that the memorial of Long should NOT be removed.  **I apologize if this came out rudely, but I mean it in the kindest way possible, just needed to get my point across. -Amber

Good for her. No one is going to protect us anymore, so stand up and do what our government is afraid to do. -Stu(Newman Lake)

The mother trying to protect her daughter from a sex offender had every right to do it.  If parents don’t protect their children from molesters, who will?  She should not be jailed for the act.  How about putting the sex offender in jail, is he not the one that belongs there? -Caryl

I’d hope the mom gave the sex offender a chance to back out of the situation before she started swinging, but a woman up against a 7-footer does need a means of leveling the playing field. -Ann(Spokane)

Our judicial system has shown us time and time again that we need to protect our own children and communities as they continue to let dangerous sex offenders back in to our society, instead of locking them away. I believe most brave mothers would have done the same thing, going to any lengths possible to protect our children. We see on the news daily that these sex offenders are a high risk to re-offend. Someone has to keep our children safe, thanks Tammy Gibson; I would’ve done the same thing. -Megan

Yes! She should go to jail for assault. We cannot take matters in to our own hands. If the man was giving her child things, the mother should have asked him not to anymore and leave her child alone. Most sex offenders are trying to get their lives back on track and really don’t mean to harm people. -Robert

She should not have faced jail time. Every woman has a divine animal right to protect the safety of their offspring. I would do the same thing…baseball bat or whatever else I had around to keep that deviant creep from my kids. -Adub

This woman had no right to attack this man.  Approach him & tell him to stay away-yes. Tell her daughter to stay away-yes. You can’t defend someone, even your child, from something that isn’t happening to them.  Talking is not a crime. -Alexandra

What is this world coming to?  I’d do this to protect my child. Did she kill? NO. Did he hurt other children? YES. Let’s protect our children, if we can’t without going to jail, who will. The police can’t be everywhere. -Nancy

No, I don’t think Mom should be jailed but the fact remains that she needs some sort of punishment, perhaps probation instead of jail.  Would I do the same thing to the sex offender?  Probably not although I would have carried the bat as I approached the offender and told him in no uncertain terms that he needed to leave my daughter alone and get away from us. -Roxanne

Over-reaction. -Mike

I say KUDOS’ to the mom…..  It’s about time someone actually stood up for something.  The Sex Offender deserved every bit of what he got….  And yes….  I would love to have a chance at that!!!  I’d do the same thing as she did, if not more….  I might sound like a vigilante, but if the police won’t do their jobs, then we have to…. GO GET’EM MOM!!! -Dave(Coeur d’Alene)

Unfortunately the sentence was correct. She should have grabbed her child and called the police. Suppose she was mistaken and split the guy’s head open causing a permanent disability? She just can’t take the law into her own hands unless he was trying to pull the kid into a car or something else that was immediate danger. -Dave (Pullman)

Its Tammy’s fault, had she shot and killed the sex offender she would not be doing any time! -Bobby

I see where this mother is coming from–she is doing what the darn courts and laws won’t do–make a lasting impression on these evil animals to stay away from our children.  Was she right legally for doing this, possible, as I am sure this evil animal was ordered to stay away from children. In the eyes of the laws and judges, no she was not right.  When are the law makers going to get off their duffs and make sex offenders life sentence without parole in jail?  This is just what drives people to do what she has done.  So who is really to blame for this???  The bleeding hearts who protect these evil animals. She has a right to protect her child and I stand beside her in her actions as the laws and lawmakers are all gutless. -Pat

She should be given a medal. -MJ

Absolutely Not.   It has been proven time after time that sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated.    The sex offender was without a doubt told to stay away from children, and was not obeying that law.   He should be taken in for violation and the mother should be given a weekend getaway and a massage for the stress he brought on to her.   Let that mother go!!! -Jeannie

She should have shot him!! But realistically she used Force that was not most likely was not required. A simple call to 911 and getting in his face would most likely have done it.  -Brad

I am a parent.  It’s my duty to protect my child.  I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same thing in the same case.  I don’t think she should have been sentenced to jail. -Debra

WAY TOO GO MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Lori

Not only is this woman a deranged individual with a serious need for professional help, the Doctor is as well.  He should have to pay her $5,000.00 a month until the children turn 18 years old – instead of the people of California. It’s called RESPONSIBILITY! -Ron (Veradale)

The authorities really dropped the ball with this mother who attacked a sex offender in defense of her child!  Had it been my child, the sex offender would have been permanently speaking soprano!  This sounds like justice gone astray! -Harold(Pullman)

The man that she attacked is a level 3 sex offender that is 7′ 3 ” and who will most probably abuse more children. I think she did what most of us would like to have done if only we had the guts. Let’s give her a medal when she gets out of jail. -Dave(Spokane Valley)