Sound Off: Legislator Wants Humans Buried With Their Dead Pets

Despite much bigger issues like a ballooning budget deficit, the Washington state legislature is considering a bill that would allow people to be buried with their pet’s remains. St. Sen. Ken Jacobsen of Seattle says its important for people to have the option. Right now, state law defines cemeteries as places where only humans can be buried. Cemetery owners say the law is a bad idea. What do you think? Should the state allow people to be buried with their pet’s remains? Do lawmakers have better things to do? Email us:

I recently lost my late wife’s mini doxie that was a family pet for 12 years, it is my wish to have her ashes put in my coffin some day so we are all together with or without the blessings of some pompous butt politician. -John


If I were to be intured with my pets there would be no room for any one else. Over the years I have enough pets to fill one acre of ground. I guess thats why I will be burned and then palout the sea. I do the same with my pets. It’s time our persons in government started working on other things. Like global worming and the economy. -Thomas(Albion)

So are these people going to exhume the body(s) of their dead pets or have them killed per their will so they can then be buried with them? Sounds like the Egyptian practice. What’s next? bury the whole family with them? Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! -Tim

Pet cremains in a person’s coffin is a personal decision. Pictures of loved ones are permitted, why not a portion of the pet’s remains? -Rob

I see nothing wrong with faithful pets to be buried with their human masters remains. Even in ancient times this practice was kept. As long as it is done in a dignified fashion it should be allowed in a cometary, this is only my opinion. -EW

I sure hope the Washington lawmakers allow me to be buried with my pet. My donkey, Jack, has been a dear friend and I sure hope I can be buried with my ass. -Randy

No wonder it costs so much to run the government…What, are they afraid that the dead pet will give the dead person a disease. Or is it more of the monetary kickbacks. It is coming time to clean up the legalized mafia, and put people back in the government of the people. A government working for the people, instead of their own interests, and well being. -Michael

I believe a person should have the right to have their pet buried with them. My friend recently passed away from cancer, and his dog was by his side every minute. His girlfriend would like to bury the dog with him, when the time comes. They were best friends in life, they should be allowed to be together in the end. Many people are like that with their pets, including myself. I don’t think it is too much to ask. -Stephanie

Huh??? Did I read that right? Why is it important to waste the tax-payer’s time, and money on a rather unimportant issue, especially at this point in time??? I, like most all other Washingtonians have a hard time swallowing this one…. Has Our Government gone to the dogs??? -Robert

If an owner loves their pets so much, I can understand why they’d want to be buried with them, but my question is this: Does this mean the animal has to be euthanized just because the owner died? Then I’d say “no” because the animal shouldn’t be killed for that reason alone. -CJ

I believe you should be able to have a pet buried with you. My Mother’s last wishes were to have her beloved cat with her. Why does the legislature need to be involved!!! We asked the permission of the funeral director and the cemetery, and they didn’t have a problem with it. I think it should be a personal choice. -Laurie

I think that is a great idea because i would be at peace and my mom would think so to it would be a different story if i was buried next to a 12 pack of mountain dew. -Chris

My daughter had her cat cremated so he could be buried with her someday and I see no problem with that. A word to your listeners, most elderly pets get put down when their owners die so why not bury them together? -Judith(Spokane)

I most certainly do think the legislature has more important items to focus on rather than if people should be buried with their pets. Like how to maintain on the budget they have now, and utilize the system to be more effective. -Kathy

It seems that if you’re willing to euthanize your pet to ‘time’ your burial, then you should have the freedom to euthanize the owner along with it. Legishaters would prefer endless talks at taxpayer expense anyway. -Clayton(Priest River)

We should have the right to go to our eternal resting place with whom ever we choose. For some of us our pets are our kids. I do believe that congress has many important things to be doing, but seriously, how long can this take? -Brandon(Uniontown)

I heard of a guy in New York that was buried with his Mercedes. He had to buy eight plots. Maybe there could be cemeteries for people who want to be buried with their pets, but existing cemeteries were not subscribed to be so and should be off-limits to pets. I’m wondering if a pet gets euthanized if the master goes before the pet does…or the other way around…hmmm. -Gary(Spokane)

In my opinion, Yes, humans should have the option to be buried with their pet’s remains. If it is unacceptable to some people, perhaps some cemeteries would not allow it, but personally I don’t see the harm in it. I believe many people would be grateful to have the option. I am one of them. -Betty

Here is my rant. Whenever you die, wherever you go afterwards you won’t be able to take your pets or anything else with you, so why would you need to be buried with them? Why don’t we vote on something that will actually help a majority of the people in Washington, and not just crazy pet lovers. -Sqyre

Seems like this is not a priority issue at a time when details like the economy needs so much attention, but on the other hand, why not allow dead pets to be buried with their owners? -Ann(Spokane)

Which pet do I get buried with? My German Shepherd? My Black Lab? My 4 cats? My 2 birds? My goldfish? Maybe all of my pets should be buried with me? What if my spouse disagrees and wants to be buried with me? This issue is a joke and the state legislature should not waste one tax dollar discussing this. -Carl(Spokane)

What’s the big deal? The pets are dead right? We are dead too right? The only can of worms that will be opened will be the ones eating us when we start decomposing! It’s not like allergies are going to bother the “neighbors”. Good grief, can’t they argue about education or something better? -Lynne

I think this should be one of the last thing our legislators would be interested in at anytime let alone the economic turmoil we have now. I would hope people will start putting some pressure on these legislators no get their heads straight and do the jobs they we elected to do. -Bob

There are definitely far more important things a State Senator could and should be involved in. That’s the problem with politicians and politics today it serves special interests and not the basic needs of the public. -Wendell(Spokane Valley)

So.. do you need to specify in your will that FiFi is to be euthanised mediately so that she can be buried with you or do you suppose you would have to be dug up when she finally kicks it? This is so wrong on all kinds of levels…..we need to concentrate on the state of emergency our county is in financially…. -Susie

I think that there is more important things right now. I don’t think we should forget about this. If it gets passed then I’m going to be buried with my dog Luigi! -Savanna (Spokane Valley)

My pet is an elephant. Will this pose a problem? -Bill (Soap Lake)

AWESOME IDEA! I didn’t even know that they didn’t allow you to be buried with your pet. But it is way cool if they will make a bill to let animal lovers/pet owners be buried with their pets! But, my mom brought up a good question. How would you make sure that you would be buried at the same time? -Desiree

We just lost our dear friend after 13 years. She was sick a few days and then in the care of the vet, our friend, she passed away. She was cremated and her ashes are in a beautiful box. I, nor would my husband have a problem having her buried with us. So many people loved her that they all want some of her ash! I think if you do it right, go right ahead. -Jeannie & Doug(Diamond Lake)

I think it is a good idea to let humans be buried with their pets. Sometimes the pet is their only companion in life and are treated like family. Why not? I have seen pet ashes in mausoleums with their owners ashes. It should be all fair game! -Misty & Robert

It is evident that the Washington Legislature is really screwed up. If a person wants to be buried with their pet; that should be their option. What kind of b.s. is it that only humans can be buried in a cometary? We are ALL animals in one form or another. It is this kind of attitude that is stopping people from being harshly prosecuted for harming animals. The people that believe these laws to be true should be horse whipped. -Dave(Coeur d’Alene)

Why not? Many are closer to their pets than people. -Bobby

Well first of all why is there a law that says only humans can be buried in the Cemeteries? I mean if we pay for the right to be put in a spot in the ground and we can be buried with flags and flowers and have other peoples ashes put in with ours then by all mean if a pet means that much to someone what right does another person have to say no. Is it going to take up more space?NO Is it going to smell? NO I think that this shouldn’t be a law in the first place. So do I think this should be OK yes, do I think they have better things to do? Well to be honest if they didn’t think up this stupid law to begin with they wouldn’t have to be “dealing” with it right now. AMEN!!!!! -Renee(Spokane Valley)

Sure, people should do that if they want.  But it sounds a bit morbid to me!  What are they going to do – dig up dead Fido when grandma dies?  Come on! -Becca (Spokane)

Isn’t the last request sacred? Of course a pet owner should be allowed to be buried with their pet! Are the bureaucratic clowns now into burials? It is none of the government’s business if a person wants to be buried with their pet!!!! -Harold (Pullman)

What’s next? Bo Derek with her horses? I suppose as long as people buy the necessary space, it shouldn’t matter. -Jim (Thompson Falls)

Can you believe this? My pet is a horse, it weighs about 1,800 pounds. My burial plot is about 3 feet wide, 7 feet long and 6 feet deep. How do we fit both of us in there? This is only an example. My only pet is my wife. Lets get real folks. During these troubled times we really have more important s___ to deal with…….. -Geo

Sure why not ! Washington can charge a Huge fee to offset their Governors lack of common sense as to how to balance a budget! -Eric (Athol)

Bury the people in the “pet cemetery where there are no restrictions. -Dave

I had stipulated in my will that my oldest cat was to be put down and cremated with me so I could be with him a take care of him for all time. Because he stroked out before me, he was cremated and my will now states that his ashes are to be mixed with mine. Burial with ones pet should be allowed since, quite often, they have given us more love and loyalty than any human. -MJ