Sound Off for March 11th: Should gun ownership be mandatory?

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A town of 140 people in western Maine is considering an ordinance making gun ownership mandatory.

The town of Byron, Maine will vote on it tonight and all lot of people support the idea. The council expects residents to approve it at Monday’s town meeting, a New England institution where townspeople vote up or down on municipal proposals.

Communities from Idaho to Georgia have been inspired to “require” or recommend their residents arm themselves ever since a gunman killed 26 youngsters and educators Dec. 14 in a school in Newtown.

There is one problem with the ordinance, Maine Attorney General Janet Mills says it will be “null and void” even if it passes.

It is pre-empted by a 2011 state law that bars municipalities from adopting firearm regulations.

Do you like the idea?  How do you feel about it?

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