Sound Off for January 24: Should the state sell naming rights to public roads and buildings?

Sound Off for September 3rd: Lawmakers propose a rise in taxes 180 times in 2013.  Are you surprised?

Could you soon be calling Spokane’s iconic bridge the Burger King Monroe Street Bridge? What about the Microsoft Expressway through Seattle? One Washington lawmaker is introducing legislation that paves the way for just that. The bill allows state and local agencies to sell naming rights to public buildings and infrastructure, similar to what some sports stadiums do now. She says it would bring in revenue without taking from taxpayers’ wallets. Critics, though, say it could get out of hand and that it’s not worth sacrificing the identity of iconic buildings for a small amount of cash. What do you think: should the state sell naming rights? Which state and local buildings or places would you like to see protected and not renamed? Click here to leave your comments inside.