Sound Off for February 15th: Are you pleased with changes within the Spokane Police Department?

Burglary suspect challenges police to fight, falls from roof instead

The U.S. Justice Department will review police shootings and other use of force by officers of the Spokane Police Department starting next week.

That news was announced today by Spokane Mayor David Condon and Police Chief Frank Straub during a progress report of changes they’re making in an effort to rebuild public trust.

The federal review, being conducted by mutual agreement with the city, will examine the department’s culture and all incidents over the past four years involving use of police force.

However, the review will not be a full study of all the department’s patterns and practices, as was done in Seattle last year.

Our police officers will now start wearing body cameras to record their interaction with the public, new patrol car cameras will be installed, they will be issued smaller batons and tasers and go through crisis intervention training.

Are you happy to see these changes going into effect for the police department?  Will the changes earn your trust?

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