Sound Off for April 6th: How Would You Fix Government Waste And Spending?

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Government waste and spending are the focus of today’s Sound Off.

In the state of Washington, tempers are flaring as lawmakers struggle to reach a budget deal before the end of the special session on Tuesday. It’s a special session costing taxpayers thousands of dollars a day. Critics say the deal should have been hammered out during the regular legislative session.

And in Washington, D.C., Congressional investigators say the General Services Administration developed an awards program that spent more than $438,000 over three years, far exceeding its limit.

Investigators for the House Transportation Committee says that the “Hats Off Program” initially gave out items of nominal value. But, over time, the awards became iPods, digital cameras, GPS devices and other electronics.

And the GSA has been sharply criticized for wasteful spending when it hosted a conference in Las Vegas to the tune of $800,000 dollars.
The head of the GSA lost her job over it.

Rasmussen Reports just released a poll that confirms something most people have long joked about: Government employees are lazier than people working in private sectors.
The poll says 46% of government workers believe their private sector counterparts work harder than they do.

Are you surprised by all this information?
How would you fix all the waste that is going on and do you think things will ever change?

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