Sound Off for April 4th: How would you fix the student loan crisis?

Sound Off for May 8th: Are you feeling more comfortable about borrowing and being in debt?

Student loan debt has surged to about $1 trillion dollars, surpassing credit card and auto loan debt.

This debt explosion threatens the economic recovery and increases the burden on taxpayers… possibly setting the stage for a new economic crisis.

As the job market continues to struggle, these loans are increasingly difficult to pay off. And as many students have been unable to find work, they have returned to school – further increasing their debt.

In response to this, the Obama administration is pushing for Congress to extend or make permanent a 25-hundred dollar a year tax credit for tuition and other expenses.

Two thirds of all college students take out loans to pay for school, graduating with an average debt of over $25,000.

What would you like to see happen to fix the current student loan issue?

Do you feel there should be a cap on how much students can take out in loans over the years?

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