Sound Off: Bus Driver Saves Lives, Gets Ticket For Jaywalking

A Colorado public bus driver who pushed three people out of the way of a speeding truck, has been given a $22 ticket for jaywalking. Jim Moffitt is hospitalized with broken bones, bruising on the brain, and bruised ribs. He was helping two elderly women cross the street when he saw a truck wasn’t slowing down. He pushed them out of the way, and was hit. Now he has to pay for the jaywalking ticket. What do you think? Should this driver have been ticketed? Email

When police are hired to protect and serve, we pay them and are grateful for it, when a citizen protects and serves, he gets a $22 ticket – shame on us. Next time a police officer is chasing a thief down the street and doesn’t use the crosswalks, probably needs to be charged double. Unbelievable. -Dave(Spokane)

No he should not. Sometimes you just need to not worry about petty things. This doesn’t surprise me, the state of Colorado has turned into one of those wacko states anyway. -Stu(Newman Lake)

Absolutely not. I’d guess by now someone has paid the ticket but the cop better hope it’s not him about to get run down. He should remember he too will be old someday-if he’s lucky. It’s time people quit looking at the law as all black and white-there are shades of gray. -Sue

By no means should this man be issued a Jay walking ticket, The little old ladies should be issued the ticket and for putting the bus driver a risk. If he hadn’t done anything they could have sued him because he had an opportunity to stop them or assist them. Which he did and got creamed for it, it is all on the old ladies. Take their bus pass away for good. -Nick

Are you kidding me? The police who did this to HIM are MORONS! They should be on their KNEES thanking him for his service to the community, now PUNISHING HIM for doing the RIGHT THING! –Debra

That sounds good, good people should be punished, oh ya, lets give prisoners the right to a free college education, and let them have all types of luxuries!!! What will they think off next. –Harley

If he was breaking the law he should get the ticket. Maybe the three people he saved the life of would pay $7.33 ea. for his fine??? -Bobby

NO! He shouldn’t have a ticket. Just ask the people he pushed out of the way. -Betty(Spokane)

Under ordinary circumstances, jaywalking deserves a ticket. However, this was a far from ordinary situation, and the bus driver should end up in court to fight the ticket! Good for him, and get well soon. -Ann(Spokane)

What’s going on here? Are we out to completely eradicate all human incentive to help our fellow man by punishing heroic attempts to defend and/or protect others in danger? So shines a good deed in a weary world. Ticket him, my foot; they ought to give that man a medal. Or maybe they’re saving that for the idiot who was driving the truck! –Geraldine

I disagree, Should the drive not save the people, those people would have been hurt badly, even though he was. What kind of world are we living in. Protect people or see them be killed. He should not have been ticketed. Obviously those who gave them a ticket did not use their common sense in this. -Arine

No I don’t think he should have gotten a ticket. He should have gotten a humanitarian award for saving their lives. If it hadn’t been for him they would be having 3 funerals. -Kimberly

That is the dumbest thing that i have ever heard then i will come to him and pay that ticket for him i get my unemployment on wed were do i go to help him at the hosp what floor and room or the tv the station were let me know. -Wayne

Government at it’s finest………………………….the cops should be fired!!! -John

I suppose the cop who gave the hero a jaywalking ticket would have preferred that the hero had let the three people be hit and killed by the speeding truck! What a jerk! Hopefully the Judge will dismiss the ticket! -Harold

Yes, not only was it appropriate to ticket the bus driver, but he should be removed from his job. He obviously does not obey simple traffic law and should not be allowed to drive public transportation. -Lynda

This is so silly! Why are the good always being punished? Oh, I remember—No good deed goes unpunished! Obviously not. Leave this poor man alone after he is thanked and thanked! He is a hero. -Jeannie(Newport)

Would that city prefer that the elderly lady be whacked down by a bus? The driver should not have ticketed for being a good Samaritan. In fact, the city might offer to pay his hospital expenses as an apology for their harassment. -MJ