Sorry Cougs! Cougar Country won’t reopen in time for Saturday’s game

Sorry Cougs! Cougar Country won’t reopen in time for Saturday’s game
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We’re sorry, Cougs! Cougar Country will not be making its return in time for big game on Saturday.

The new owners of the Pullman eatery said they have hit a few snags trying to get the restaurant back open, but expect to be up and flipping burgers soon.

The drive-in closed its door earlier this year, but recently found a new owner. The owners of Zoe Coffeehouse and Pub told 4 News Now it was a “no brainer” to take over when the previous owners announced they were closing.

“It’s an incredible town. Incredible community,” said new owner Mike Wagoner. “The sense of community is very strong.”

Wagoner and his wife, Terry, said they found the burger joint taking up a big piece of their hearts.

They hope to soon touch more hearts and fill more bellies. Though they will not be open Saturday, they said they cannot wait to serve up Super Burgers, crinkle cut fries and fry sauce soon.

In the meantime, the drive-in is searching for employees. They are currently hiring for all positions. Learn more on their Facebook page.

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