Snowy weather causing Meals on Wheels volunteer cancellations

Snowy weather causing Meals on Wheels volunteer cancellations

The wintry weather is taking a toll on our most vulnerable neighbors: the elderly.

The snowy roads are making it harder to help those in need, causing some chaos at Meals on Wheels.

“We had nine volunteer cancelations this morning, which is understandable, they are stuck because of the snow,” said Meals on Wheels’ Sarah Gehman. “It’s tough.”

She says 279 meals needed to be delivered to seniors Monday. In an effort to get some extra help, Meals on Wheels called the Murcars who have been volunteering for the last 18 years. They were able to drop everything they had planned to help out.

“Because we are able to at this time. We are able to get out. We have vehicle that works. I know the need is out there. There are some people this is only meal they get,” said volunteer Mary Murcar.

“I love them! They are my ‘walking angels.’ They are just so good. All of them got hearts of gold to be doing this for all of us stuck at home,” laughed Meals on Wheels recipient Theresa Press.

The Murcars are not only delivering meals, they are helping shovel walkways, stairways, and even helping move a lady’s garbage can. Thanks to the them and a few other volunteers, all 279 meals got delivered Monday to seniors in need.

“Seeing how sweet they all are and how wonderful they all are it makes the food taste even better,” said Press. “I appreciate it. They are really great.”