Snowy start to Saturday in Spokane

Spokane residents woke to grey skies and a heavy snowfall on Saturday morning as the latest storm piled on to an already snow covered city. This latest snowfall only hammering home the fact that winter is still here despite a temporary warm weather reprieve.

“I’m glad there wasn’t a gap and it wasn’t cold, cold, cold, cold and then more snow, it was nice we got some warm weather,” said Spokane resident Merissa Yocham.

Folks were out early shoveling their walks, and snow blowers made quick work of the freshly fallen snow, which remained light until later in the day when temperatures rose and rain began to fall.

“Spokane can be a little grungy and the snow makes it look more clean,” said resident Jesse Fortenberry, who was out enjoying the snow with his Great Pyrenees, Po.

With the additional snow fall on Saturday, the City of Spokane said it would be focusing its snow clearing efforts on arterial roads and did not announce a new full city plow.

They completed their most recent full city plow on Friday. Residents are asked to call 3-1-1 if they believe their road may have been missed.