Snow Weighing On Area Roofs

   The heavy snow isn’t just causing problems on our area roads, but roofs as well. The building codes really vary depending on where you live. In Spokane, most roofs on newer homes are supposed sustain roughly 40 pounds per square foot. About 30 pounds, though, for older homes. A square foot weighs roughly 13 pounds. Some homes, though, are already at their maximum, and with more snow coming, more roofs could be coming down.

   “Well I’m shoveling snow,” Douglas Mace said.

   As he quickly removes the snow from his front driveway, it’s the snow several feet up that might cause him the most problems.

   Douglas: ‘No roof problems yet, I don’t think,” Mace said. “I haven’t even thought about it.”

   “Now’s the time to do it, ” Brian Vavra said.

   He admits it’s a dangerous job.

   “Once you start to go, you’re pretty much gone.”

   But he and his workers at hometown siding and windows are harnessing up, and knocking the snow off people’s roofs, before the snow, knocks the roofs down.

   “Your flat roofs, like manufactured homes aren’t designed to hold much more than we got,” Vavra said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some of those come down soon.”

   In fact in Rathdrum Monday, the heavy snow took down the roof of the hardware store. In Priest River, this old historic building suffered the same problem.

   Vavra says he typically charges between $200 and $500 for his services, but says it could save you in the long run.

   “Shoveling off your roof is a small price to pay compared to fixing your whole house,” Vavra said.

   At this point, Mace says he’s more concerned about his driveway, and hopes winter ends, before his roof caves in.

   “Got a couple of months anyway before spring time gets here,” Mace said.

   Vavra says you shouldn’t just worry about your roof. You should also shovel your deck, and he warns against leaving snow on your car. He says if you leave a foot of snow sitting on the roof of your car, you could find a dent in your car roof, next spring.