‘SNL’ turns into Republicans locker room party

They were cheering, wearing goggles and drinking beer. It was a “Saturday Night Live” locker room party for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The NBC sketch series wasted no time addressing the excitement and disappointment felt by Senate members on Saturday. The second episode of the show’s 44th season had Kenan Thompson as CNN’s Don Lemon in a live report featuring Heidi Gardner as chief political correspondent Dana Bash.

Standing in the Republicans’ “locker room,” Gardner’s Bash interviewed several Senate members as they were celebrating Saturday’s vote.

“Republicans read the mood of the country, we could tell that people really wanted Kavanaugh,” Beck Bennett said in his role as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Everyone’s pumped — from white men over 60 to white men over 70,” he added.

Viewers also caught Kate McKinnon reprising her role as Sen. Lindsey Graham and giving Gardner’s Bash a ‘Kavanaugh World Champion’ hat.

“We made a lot of women real worried today but I’m not getting pregnant, so I don’t care,” McKinnon’s Graham said.

And they also took on the protesters who swarmed Capitol Hill disrupting the confirmation vote in the Senate and banging on the Supreme Court building doors.

“They’ve been there for us all week cheering, screaming outside our offices,” McKinnon’s Graham said.

“I’m sorry, you think those were fans?” Gardner’s Bash asked her.

“Oh yeah, for sure and I know that they agree with us ’cause they are shouting out ‘me too’,” McKinnon’s Graham replied.

The sketch also mocked a subdued Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer during another interview.

“Well, my doctor thinks it might be sciatica,” said Alex Moffat as Schumer.

“Well, the Dems lost another one. We thought this time we would do better than the Anita Hill hearing because Dr. Ford was white, but turned out Brett Kavanaugh was white, too, and we were completely blindsided by that,” he added.

The cold open ended with Republicans spraying what appeared to be beers all over each other to celebrate Kavanaugh.

“Let’s keep this horny male energy going till the midterms!” McKinnon’s Graham said.