Slowly climbing out of the deep freeze – Kris

It’s amazing how the late-winter sun can make these cold days seem so much warmer!  We only made it to 24°F today, but with light wind and bright blue skies, it didn’t seem so cold.  The warming trend and the sunshine continue for Friday.  But first, the clear skies of today are going to lead to a very cold Friday morning.  Lows will be down in the single digits or low double digits in most locations.  Highs will top out in the lower 30s, which is more than 10 degrees below average.  HOWEVER, with that sunshine, maybe you can trick yourself into believing it feels more like spring?

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Saturday will be sunny, and even a little warmer.  And then, things will really start to change.  Clouds will increase late Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday, the temperatures will continue to climb, and the chance of precipitation will increase as well.  Expect a mix of rain and snow in the valleys on Sunday with mountain snow.  Warmer, wetter weather is in the forecast for the work week, with snow levels getting close to 6,000′ by Tuesday.

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