Sinn Sentenced To 27 Months For Dragging Death

SPOKANE — Wendell Sinn has been sentenced to 27 months in prison for the dragging death of EWU student Jarid Sturman-Camyn.

Sinn entered a modified Alford Plea earlier this month, claiming innocence while acknowledging there was enough evidence to convict him for Sturman-Camyn’s death.

Koni Buell, Jarid’s mother, supported the Alford Plea only because it meant that Sinn would be guaranteed to serve a prison term. If the case had gone trial and he had been convicted of 2nd Degree Murder he could have faced life in prison.

The 27-month sentence he received Monday was the maximum sentence he could receive and also spared from prosecution Sinn’s son Justin who drove the truck Jarid was dragged behind for 11 miles.