Silver Mountain Sees Near Record Snowfall

Over the past two days, Silver Mountain has received 10 inches of new snow, and although this is bad for drivers trying to head through Idaho, it is great for skiers who want to get on the slopes.

There is so much snow on Silver Mountain that a sign has been placed near the entrance to the ski area advising skiers to bring a snorkle and mask on some of the runs because of the ammount of snow.

On Saturday, temperatures at the mountain hovered around 23 degrees, but the cold weather is only a postive for the more than 2,000 skiers and snowboarders who were on the slopes.

The holiday season is one of the busiest times for local ski areas, and for Silver Mountain, it makes up nearly 20% of their business for the year.

This year, they have added an extra hundred feet of tubing, as well as extra terrain for beginners.

“Oh, it’s awesome. It’s a huge rush get going really fast-turn aorund backwards it’s really fun,” tuber Stephanie Truscott said.

To date, the mountain has recieved a wonderful gift from mother nature as the mountain as already seen 163 inches of snow. This has allowed Silver Mountain to open all of its runs, with most of them being groomed daily.

“It’s perfect conditions perfect weather, snows great, having a blast,” mountain goer Mark Henness said.

More snow is scheduled to fall throughout the week, making ski areas all over the Inland Northwest happy.