Should Washington do away with the Discover Pass or raise its price? What two conflicting bills suggest:

Discover Pass

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Two legislative bills have put the future of the Washington Discover Pass into question.

Senate Bill 6174 aims to end the Discover Pass altogether, explaining that the program was designed to help generate income for park maintenance during the Great Recession. The bill also reports that state park has dropped by an average of seven million visits per year.

Conversely, House Bill 2445 aims to raise the price of the Discover Pass, citing the program’s inception – which called for the pass cost to be reviewed every four years to adjust for inflation. There is no suggested price in the bill, only that it not exceed $50.

If the Discover Pass were to be phased out, Senate Bill 6174 says that lost revenue can be supplemented by state general fund appropriation.