Shots Fired At Apartment Complex

SPOKANE – Spokane police reported that shots were fired at an apartment complex at the corner of Spofford and Lincoln Sunday night. No one was hurt, but several buildings were hit with bullets and a window was shot out in one unit.

The shooting happened at around 10:40 Sunday Night and police are saying about eight rounds were fired.

Officer Teresa Fuller said the police set up a perimeter around the intersection as they tried to piece together what happened in the waning hours of the weekend. An SPD press release early Monday morning read, “So far, it’s been determined that the involved parties were familiar with each other” but “the suspects have not been located at this time.”

Police said there was one family in the complex at the time of the shooting, but they were uninvolved. They further stated that “officers are working diligently to determine what happened and who the suspects are.”

Anyone with any information on the shootings is asked to call 242-TIPS.