Shoshone County Snowbound

WALLACE, IDAHO —  A State of Emergency was declared Thursday in Bonner, Boundary, Kootenai, Latah counties and on Friday the hard-hit Shoshone County was added to the list.

The snow is continuing to fall in Shoshone County and Friday morning it took its toll on the Wallace School District, when the district’s bus barn collapsed on six of the district’s eight buses.

As a result classes were canceled Friday because the district couldn’t get students to school.

“Too much snow and we had crews working the last two days shoveling off the building,” Wallace School District Superintendent Bob Ranells said.

Ranells started his day at the bus barn.

“I was just sick because one of our buses is brand new haven’t even used it on a regular run as yet,” Ranells said.

Three buses are a total loss and Ranells says they may be able to save the other three.

“Each bus cost is excess of $70,000 and we own these buses, going to be an impact financially,” he said.

As for the building itself it’s almost a hundred years old and Ranells says it’s ready to collapse at any moment.

The district is now reaching out to other districts to lease buses for the next few months.

Meanwhile Shoshone County commissioners declared a state of emergency Friday morning because they simply do not have enough manpower to keep up with the snow.

“I think the biggest concern for us is senior citizens and snow on houses,” County Commissioner Jon Cantamessa said. “Trying to get roofs shoveled that need to be shoveled.  There’s a shortage of manpower for that too … everyone is taking care of their own businesses and homes, hard to find people available.”

Commissioner Cantamessa says the city of Mullan is snowbound and Wallace is reaching that point and they are running out of places to put the snow. Cantamessa has put a call into the schools and various organizations hoping someone can help with the shoveling.

If you can help, call the Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office.