Franklin Co. Sheriff’s Office deputy fired after jailed person found dead

Police lights
PASCO, Wash. (AP) — The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office in southeast Washington has fired a probationary corrections deputy after a person in custody was found unresponsive and died in a jail observation holding cell.

Deputies said Faviola Valenzuela was arrested by Pasco police officers on March 12, for alleged destruction or removal of property and wasn’t cooperative during the booking process, KEPR-TV reported.

Deputies trying to secure Valenzuela in an observation holding cell and physically moved her as she resisted.

Deputies said Valenzuela was later found unresponsive in the cell and died despite efforts by first responders.

The county Coroner’s Office determined Valenzuela’s death was caused by a lethal methamphetamine intoxication.

After a preliminary investigation, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office found the deputy was not following proper protocol at the time. The deputy was fired the next day. The deputy’s name wasn’t released.

A formal internal investigation is being done to determine if other employees violated polices or established protocol, according to the Sheriff’s Office.