Sexual assault survivors can now send a text message for help

Sexual assault survivors can now send a text message for help

You can now reach Lutheran Community Service Northwest’s Sexual Assault Crisis Line with a text message.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Lutheran Community Services Northwest is working to expand its resources for survivors.

LCS wants to start a conversation. They hope it’s a conversation that will continue beyond april– and last throughout the year

“It can be you. It can be your next door neighbor. It can be the person that you’re buying your groceries from. It can be anybody,” said Margarita Jennings, advocate for Lutheran Community Services Northwest in Spokane.

Advocates are working to shatter social stigmas.

“It’s not just people who are struggling, who are homeless,” Jennings said.

They’re also trying to working on localizing a big issue, many still don’t understand.

“It’s happening in the nice parts of Spokane and it’s happening in the poorer parts of Spokane,” Jennings said.

Lutheran Community Services Northwest said this month is a reminder for the community – we need to support survivors.

Jennings is an advocate who knows how important this is.

“I’ve taken phone calls where the person has such a hard time even sharing what is going on,” Jennings said.

Which is why the crisis line now accepts text messages, on top of voice calls.

“A little more impersonal, so they can share what’s going on with them,” Jennings said.

LCS said the text feature can help make it easier for victims to get the help they need without verbally communicating with someone. It can also hel

“We never reveal their names, they can remain anonymous, they can give us a fake name,” Jennings said.

LCS said the text service is a long-time dream, to be able to expand their resources for survivors.

“When we don’t talk about it, when we ignore it, when it’s uncomfortable. We need to push through and just talk about it. It happens, it’s happening all the time,” Jennings said.

The number for the Sexual Assault Crisis Line is 509-624-7273. You can text that number during business hours Monday through Thursday for help. Of course, you can always call 911, if you’re a victim of sexual assault.

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