Senator Murray calls for permanent Daylight Saving Time

WASHINGTON D.C. — Washington Senator Patty Murray has called for federal action to move to permanent Daylight Saving Time. 

She spoke on the house floor Thursday calling on U.S. lawmakers to follow the will of Washington voters and allow the state, as well as the rest of the nation, to establish permanent DST. 

Washingtonians voted to make DST permanent two years ago. The measure was also signed by Governor Jay Inslee, but it can only take effect if passed by Congress. 

Murray has partnered with Florida Senator Marco Rubio to put forward what they are calling the “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021.” 

“To put it simply, Americans want more sunshine and less depression. That’s why I am proud to be a co-sponsor of the bipartisan Sunshine Protection Act of 2021 which would extend Daylight Saving Time permanently so Americans can enjoy having sunlight during their most productive hours of the day and never have to worry about changing their clocks again. Congress needs to be a part of the solution. Here’s a bipartisan issue that we can and should all get behind,” Murray said. “For goodness’ sake, voters across the country have shown they support this, research shows this is good for public health, and studies demonstrate real economic benefits.” 

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