Search Ends Tragically For Missing Wood Cutter

COEUR D’ALENE – A man missing since last Saturday after heading out on a wood cutting expedition has been found dead near Deception Creek.

Daniel Varner, 54, was found near his truck in the area of Deception Creek on Forest Service Road 202.

It’s not clear what caused his death.

Varner was last seen at a Perkins restaurant last Saturday morning having his usual cup of coffee before heading out on his weekly firewood cutting trip. Even though it was nearly 100 degrees the day he went out Varner was already stocking up for the cold months ahead.

When he failed to return this last weekend it prompted an air-ground search that covered over 800 miles of road and involved local law enforcement as well as helicopters from Fairchild Air Force Base’s 36th Rescue Flight.

Sheriff’s deputies were especially worried about Varner because even after five days there was no activity on his credit card.