Search Continues For Border Officials’ Plane

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — Mexican and U.S. authorities are continuing to search for a small plane carrying the U.S. and Mexican heads of the International Boundary and Water Commission.

Earlier, the governor of Chihuahua state said U.S. investigators had located the plane and that all four passengers had died in a crash. His press office later retracted his statement.

The plane was scheduled to fly over the Luis Leon Reservoir in northern Mexico Monday so the officials could get a view of floodwaters that are threatening levees on both sides of the border near Presidio, Texas.

Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department says search crews from the two nations have been combing both sides of the border near Presidio, but haven’t found the plane or its occupants,

It says the swelling of the Conchos and Bravo rivers has made the search difficult.