Score Center Is The Heart Of Hoopfest

SPOKANE — It takes a massive volunteer effort to keep Hoopfest going.  One of the most important tasks is making sure all the brackets are organized, so teams know where to go once they play.

There’s 6,400 teams and over 400 courts.  There is one location where it all stays organized.

It is the nerve center of Hoopfest.  It’s the volunteers here that keep the games going.  Every court, every bracket, every team, no matter how strange the name or how varied the skill level.

What Hoopfest is all about runs through the score center.  It’s all on record to make sure the contests go smoothly.  Despite the volume of people, staff say it’s a simple process.  Get the score sheet, write the winners down, and move on. 

Mike Johnson has been doing this for nine years.

“Call it organized chaos,” he says.  “It’s so well organized.  They do such a great job.  I just love coming up here.  Every year, it gets easier and easier to do.”

So after 19 years, the volunteers pretty much have this down to a science.  It may look like chaos, but it’s normal at Hoopfest.