‘Save The Children’ rally marches through Riverfront Park

SPOKANE, Wash. — A rally aimed to bring awareness to sex trafficking took place in Riverfront Park on Saturday. 

“There is a global issue going on of human trafficking, pedophilia, there’s no secret about that and we want to bring awareness to our community,” said Ceryna Moses, one of the organizers for the “Save The Children” rally. 

In recent weeks, the topic of sex trafficking has been spreading across local social media pages. One post that has garnered lots of attention falsely claimed flyers were being put on cars as a way for sex traffickers to distract and kidnap people.

The Spokane Police Department said, that while sex trafficking is an important issue, there is no validity to the claims being made locally. Officers said this rumor has been around for years and they have not received any complaints matching what was said in the post. 

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The Save Our Children movement has been linked to far-right conspiracy group QAnon. However, the organizers of this event say there is no relation.   

“We are not affiliated with QAnon whatsoever,” said Moses. “We are, we have done research, gotten facts from human trafficking, the national human trafficking hotline website.”

“That’s all we’re doing,” said other organizer Aspen Bowen. “We’re concerned mothers, who are not following the conspiracy part of this. We just want to save our children and educate people.”