Savage THC opens in Stevens County

Savage THC opens in Stevens County

Savage THC in Stevens County opened their doors Friday afternoon. The owners, Scott and Elisia Dekay, said they are relieved to be in business and are optimistic about the future.

The pair have poured every last dime into this business, now they are excited to finally welcome customers.

“It was stressful not being able to open with those guys a month ago because, you know, I wanted to be one of the first,” said Scott Dekay.

Where many other pot stores around Spokane have investors, the couple are doing it all on their own. He’s a former concrete laborer, she was a cake decorator.

“The business side has just been the tough side for me, this is really my first business,” said Dekay.

Together, they see success. With the most recent numbers, there’s no reason they shouldn’t. As of August 21st, marijuana sales have generated over $6.5 million state-wide.

More than anything, the Dekay’s are excited to be a part of history.

“It is a really big deal, we couldn’t even celebrate until now, now we can really relax and say you know we did it, we are pioneers,” said Dekay.

Since the tax rate is lower in Stevens County, he’s able to lower prices a dollar less than Spokane retailers. Dekay said he’s hoping the price and his location will attract customers from surrounding rural areas as well as passers-by.

“15,000 cars go by every single day so I mean that is a built in plus,” said Dekay.

The Dekay’s said long-term they hope to open at least three more stores, and with the support he’s already seen from the community he doesn’t think that will be a problem.

“They want me here it seems like, I’ve had people coming in every single day, so I think it’s going to be good,” said Dekay.

As of now Savage THC is open noon-8:00pm, excluding Mondays. Hours may change depending on demand. Savage THC is located off 395 and Williams Valley Rd.