Sandpoint seniors star in calendar to raise money for senior center

Sandpoint seniors star in calendar to raise money for senior center

For more than four decades, Sandpoint Area Seniors Incorporated (SASi) has provided services to the local community. Their mission statement: Fun; Food; Friendship; Fellowship.

But, to be able to provide those services, they need funds. For the first time this year, SASi made a calendar to showcase some of their oldest participants and share their stories.

‘Nine over Ninety and More!’ is the calendar’s theme- featuring SASi participants and some of the Bonner County EMTs who stop by every Thursday for blood pressure checks.

“I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s really nice,” said 93-year-old Janet J. Vetter, whose picture was used for November 2018.

“It was a pretty neat little project and from the looks of both the senior center members and our crew, everyone had a great time with it,” said Captain David Ramsey, of Bonner County EMS.

Ramsey’s photo can be found on both the cover and the month August. He was paired with 90-year-old L.R. Hinrichs, known around here as “Vegas.”

He moved to Washington from there to be with family.

“So when I [came] up here, they couldn’t pronounce Hinrichs too good, so they all started calling me Vegas,” he said.

That’s his story on the origin of his nickname. But the poker visor he sports in his photos suggests a double meaning. Hinrichs belittled his poker skills when asked, but Ramsey said he’s a card shark.

“You can see from the look on my face, he just robbed me blind,” Ramsey said. “If you’re ever up in the area and you see Vegas playing cards, don’t- might be dangerous,” he said.

Sandpoint Area Seniors and the Daybreak Center next door is a home away from home, and the donations raised by these calendars ensure that volunteers can keep supporting the folks who come here- but, also, the ones who don’t.

“I think it’s very important. Especially- Meals on Wheels is a wonderful thing,” Vetter said.

Hinrichs, Vetter and the other participants know from experience how special a place SASi is, and say being able to share it with others is important.

“It’s a beautiful place, that they all go out of their way to help people, take care of people. Couldn’t ask for anything better,” said Paul Masilotti, a Chicago transplant whose photo is the first in the calendar.

Sandpoint Area Seniors is located at 820 Main Street, in Sandpoint, Idaho. Calendars are a $15 donation and can be ordered at the center, or over the phone at 208-263-6860.