Salvation Army volunteer rings bell with pet goat

Salvation Army volunteer rings bell with pet goat

A New Hampshire man brings his pet goat when he volunteers with the Salvation Army.

Bill Higgins, who himself received help from the Salvation Army about 30 years ago, has been volunteering to ring the bell at a collection kettle for the organization more than a decade, the Portsmouth Herald reported.

He was back at it Wednesday — alongside one of his three pets goats, the Herald reported.

“He’s the most sociable of my goats,” Higgins told the Herald. “He comes with me in all the Christmas parades and everyone is throwing candy. He loves candy, so that’s what he gets out of it. He’s the only one who likes to leave the house, and he rides up in the front of the truck with me.”

Higgins told the Herald he likes to bring his goats to cheer people up.

“Abner) makes everyone laugh,” Higgins told the Herald. “So, in hospitals or nursing homes, sometimes the mood is pretty sad and not a lot of people are talking. A goat coming to visit will get people talking. Then, you’ll get someone saying, ‘I had a goat when I was a kid and it chased me up a tree and wouldn’t let me come down.'”