Salvation Army set to open emergency foster care shelter

Salvation Army set to open emergency foster care shelter

The Salvation Army is one step closer to opening its newest shelter. Salvation Army Spokane held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Evangeline’s House Wednesday.

Evangeline’s House will bring emergency foster care to kids aged 10 to 17 years old and adults who are 18 to 20 years old.

Evangeline’s House has six bedrooms, each with their own personal bathroom, a common room and access to a kitchen area and laundry room. The shelter allows siblings to stay together as they move through foster care.

“It’s difficult for children when they’re removed from their parents, or they’re removed from a bad foster care situation, and they just need a place where they can go and stay, where people are just going to love on them and try to really just take care of them during their time of transition,” said Ken Perine with Salvation Army Spokane.

Perine told KXLY4 the shelter will give children and adults 15 to 30 days of shelter as they wait for their next foster care placement.

“We’re very excited for these kids because currently, they’re housed in motel rooms until they can find foster care programs for them,” Perine said. “But here, they’re going to come be with us in their own little house, part of our family, and we’re going to love on them for 15-30 days while they’re waiting to get placed again.”

The shelter will expand on Sally’s House, which provides temporary housing for kids who are 2 to 12 years old. Evangeline’s House is set to open as soon as next week.