Salvation Army of Spokane launches 13th annual ‘Backpacks for Kids’ fundraiser

Backpacks For Kids 3
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SPOKANE, Wash. – The Salvation Army of Spokane’s annual “Backpacks for Kids” campaign kicks off Friday. 

Now in its 13th year, the campaign raises money to distribute backpacks full of school supplies to local children in grades K-12. 

The Salvation Army partners with nomnom convenience stores. Customers can visit stores to make their donations and will receive a free 20 oz fountain soda or 20 oz coffee as a thank you. 

This year, organizers are hoping to distribute 4,000 news backpacks. Since its inception, more than 49,000 backpacks have been distributed to local children and nomnom has raised close to $500,000. 

“We are extremely thankful for this continued partnership with nomnom Convenience Stores. With inflation, costs have gone up on everything, including backpacks and school supplies; impacting many local families.  However, these school items are necessary in helping children succeed in school, but added expenses for families during these challenging times,” said Major Ken Perine of the Spokane Salvation Army.  “The goal of The Salvation Army and nomnom is to help parents save their money on backpacks and school supplies so they can focus on other daily expenses.”  

Customers can donate at the following locations: 


  • 909 N. Division, 99202
  • 1523 W. 10th Ave., 99204
  • 1023 W. Wellesley, 99205
  • 2103 W. Northwest Blvd., 99205
  • 1503 E. Illinois, 99207
  • 3030 E. Euclid, 99207
  • 2005 N. Hamilton, 99207
  • 7902 N. Division, 99208
  • 2020 W. Francis, 99208
  • 6607 N. Nine Mile Rd., 99208
  • 711 W. Hastings, 99218
  • 2820 E. 57th Ave, 99223
  • 4017 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd., 99224

Spokane Valley

  • 10708 E. Sprague Ave., 99206
  • 8215 E. Trent Ave., 99212
  • 15019 E. Trent Ave., 99216
  • 15504 E. 4th Ave., 9903

Airway Heights

  • 1418 S. Garfield, Airway Heights, 9900

Liberty Lake

  • 22304 E. Appleway Ave., 99019

Coeur d’Alene

  • 1427 Best Ave., 83814

The fundraiser runs throughout July.