Russian Troops Still In Georgia

POTI, Georgia (AP) — Thousands of Georgians angry at the presence of Russian troops on the outskirts of Poti have taken to the streets of that strategic Black Sea port.

Protesters have been waving Georgian flags and urging the Russians to leave.

The demonstration comes as a top Russian general says his country’s forces will keep patrolling Poti.

Yesterday, Russia said it had pulled back forces from Georgia in accordance with a cease-fire brokered by the European Union. But the United States, France and Britain say Russia hasn’t gone far enough.

The Russian pullback has allowed residents of the battered city of Gori to begin returning. People and cars are jammed outside the city as Georgian police try to control the mass return by setting up makeshift checkpoints.

This afternoon, several thousand protesters waving Georgian flags approached a Russian position on the outskirts of Gori. But there was no violent Russian response.