Russia launches 2 ballistic missiles in Arctic Ocean

Russia launches 2 ballistic missiles in Arctic Ocean
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Russia test fires missiles in the Arctic Ocean.

Russia launched two ballistic missiles from nuclear-powered submarines in the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea on Saturday, according to a tweet from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Described as a successful test launch, the missiles were part of combat training, the ministry said. Video of the missiles’ launch was also shown in the tweet.

“Nuclear powered submarines Tula and Yuri Dolgoruky launch ballistic missiles Sineva and Bulava from Circumpolar region of the Arctic Ocean and the Barents Sea,” the tweet read.

The ministry said that the launches confirmed the technical properties of the missiles and the performance of all missile systems on submarines.

The launch comes about two weeks after five nuclear specialists were killed in a blast at the Russian secret city of Sarov. An official state of mourning was declared in the city. While it has not been confirmed the explosion was nuclear, authorities in Russia detected a brief rise in radiation levels following an explosion at a military training ground there, Russian state news agency TASS reported.

CNN’s Nathan Hodge, Mike Callahan, Fred Pleitgen and Alla Eshchenko contributed to this report.