“Royal Tea” event offers lessons on tea etiquette and the history of tea in England

“Royal Tea” event offers lessons on tea etiquette and the history of tea in England

Thousands are already camped out along the streets in Windsor to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they tie the knot Saturday.

If you didn’t make it across the pond, Hillyard’s Heavenly Special Teas has you covered. Owner Sherri Davey has been busy preparing for her “Royal Tea” event Saturday afternoon.

“We can’t wait,” Davey said. “Tea and royal weddings just go together.”

There will be a three-course tea with plenty of scones, cakes and cucumber sandwiches.

“We love to teach you, to make it educational so we’re going to teach you the history of tea, the health benefits of tea, how to brew tea properly and tea etiquette,” added Sherri.

And this tea expert will also be providing a lesson in tea-time etiquette.

“When you stir your tea, don’t cling it against the sides, just gently stir in a circular motion, then take your spoon and set it on your saucer in the same direction as the handle, which should be about 4 o’clock.”

It’s said prior to meeting with the Queen, Meghan Markle visited her local tea shop to learn more just like you can.

“Its a chance to dress up. To put on your hats. We don’t have those occasions very often here,” added Davey.

If you’re looking to watch the wedding live and host your own party, Heavenly Special Teas makes it easy with their pre-made scone mixes and variety of teas for sale.

Tickets for their event are still available. You can call the tea shop at 487-2111. Tickets are $22 per person.