Rowling Tries To Put A Stop To Potter Reference Book

NEW YORK (AP) — The creator of Harry Potter is trying to stop a fan of the books from publishing an unauthorized reference work, a “Harry Potter Lexicon.”

It’s being put together by Steven Vander Ark, the editor of a Web site containing essays and other material created by fans. It includes a list of spells and potions found in the Potter books, along with a catalog of magical creatures and a who’s-who in the wizarding world.

In the past, J.K. Rowling has singled out the Web site and its creator for praise.

But now, she’s filing a lawsuit in New York, saying she feels betrayed by her fan. And she says she’s especially troubled by the claim that because Rowling has accepted free, fan-based Web sites in the past, this effort should be allowed.

She says if the Lexicon is published, other authors will have to protect their work more vigorously against Internet material that’s based on that work.

She also says she’s planning to publish her own, definitive Harry Potter encyclopedia.