Rosauers Open returns to help support Vanessa Behan

SPOKANE, Wash. — The annual Rosauers Open Invitational brings golfers from all over the country to compete in a PGA sponsored tournament, and while the golfers will be competing for a shot at moving up the ranking, the event has brought in millions of dollars to one local organization.

Vanessa Behan provides refuge for children and supports families, and this tournament is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the organization.

This will be the first time in two years that the Rosauers Open takes place at the Indian Canyon golf course and while it’s just a golf tournament at the end of the day, for an organization like Vanessa Behan the funds raised from this tournament are vital to the work that they do.

Starting next week, 200 golfers from all over the country will compete in the largest PGA sectional event in the country and $135,000 in prize money, but the rest of the proceeds go directly to Vanessa Behan

“This event raises about $100,000 for us which is a significant contribution to what we do, and very important. The Rosauers Open is just a really fun week that I think the community really engages with,” said Amy Vega, executive director at Vanessa Behan.

The organization’s mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect, and they bring in children 24 hours a day, seven days a week anytime a parent is stressed or doesn’t have the resources to care for their children. The partnership between the organization and the tournament has been a strong bond in the Spokane community.

“It’s been a really good partnership. Ever since the Rosauers Open started it has supported Vanessa Behan, so it’s been this very perfect partnership and marriage in this really well known event and some really great people backing that a supporting it,” Vega said.

But with any successful event, there is a need for people to help pull it out, and the Open needs plenty of them.

“We’re finding a real need for volunteers for Wednesday and Thursday. Not only in the kitchen to help support the work that we do to feed all the golfers, but also for people to be out on the course helping their ball and caddie for them,” Vega said.

For anyone who would like to volunteer for the tournament, there is a link on the Rosauers website where they can go to register. On-course volunteering can be found here and hospitality volunteering can be found here.