Rosalia firefighter arrested for burglary

Rosalia firefighter arrested for burglary

A Rosalia firefighter was arrested Thursday afternoon on suspicion of burglary and theft after a search warrant was serviced at his residence.

35-year-old Kelly Brown was booked into the Whitman County Jail on charges of second-degree theft, second-degree burglary, and additional narcotics-related charges.

Whitman County Deputies have investigated several property-related crimes in Rosalia when they received information about a vehicle that may have been involved in a burglary on Gashous Road in late February. That vehicle was later identified as belonging to Brown.

The investigation discovered that Brown, a member of the Rosalia Fire Department, had pawned a fire department portable radio at a Spokane pawn shop. Investigators found several other items that had recently been taken or missing from the Fire Department in recent months.

After a brief first appearance in Superior Court, Brown was released on his own recognizance.

The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office says Brown is cooperating with the investigation and assisting deputies in recovering some of the stolen property.