Rogers Senior Leading Team Through Playoffs

SPOKANE — The Rogers High School Pirates are one win away from a trip to the boys AAA Washington state basketball tournament, and their point guard is a big reason the team is still playing.  

As a point guard senior Zach Nelson has a lot going through his mind every time he brings the ball up the court.

“Basically, not to turn the ball over, run the plays that are supposed to be run, look for the open guy, and run our offense the way it’s supposed to go and get the ball in the hole,” Zach said.

The Pirates have been taking care business as they recently won their first regional tournament game in 14 years. While this point guard might not be the most gifted guy on the floor, there is nobody head coach Tim Wood says he’d rather have leading his team to new heights.

“He just battles with people. There’s guys in the league that are a little bigger, little faster, little better, but if I had to take one guy to just get after it and get in the trenches and do what you need to do, he’s a tough kid, I wouldn’t trade him for anybody,” Coach Wood said.

If he works hard on the court, the same can be said of Zach in the classroom where he carries a 3.63 grade point average with an assist from his parents.

“It’s really hard. My parents push me very hard,” Zach said. “Everyday I come home and the always ask me if I have homework and I have to say yeah, do my homework. AP classes are tough, and it’s hard to balance sports and academics, but I know if I don’t go anywhere in sports, I have to have them as a backup.”

Zach hopes basketball plays a starting role in his future. He plans to walk on in the fall at Spokane Community College, but as for now, he has at least one more high school playoff game to look forward too with a chance to lead the Pirates even further into uncharted territory.