Robbers Hit Flower Shop, Owner Fights Back

SPOKANE — Attackers net $30 when they entered a Spokane Florist and attacked the store’s owner, now he’s speaking out.

Steve and Erin Nelson, own the Small Hill Orchid flower shop at the corner of Montgomery and Hamilton. Early Friday afternoon, Steve was working in his shop, when it was robbed for the second time.

“I think these people were just cruising around looking to make a fast buck,” Steve said.

It all started when two guys came in and grabbed the cash box and took off for the door.

“I was able to get a hold of the guy holding the till as he left the door and was able to knock him down,” Steve said. “And while I had him down, his friend returned and was punching on the back of my head.”

Steve says he was not about to let them get away with robbing his store.

“Who thinks a guy in a flower shop is gonna fight back, right?” said Steve.

He was just trying to get his money back, but Steve says he also hopes he taught the robbers a little lesson.

“There’s the balance between logical and being illogical whether it’s wise to do something like that, but I think it sends a message,” he said.

Eventually the two broke free and hopped into a car driven by a white woman, who came into the store 15 minutes before the robbery.

“The girl came and asked to use the phone, she just didn’t seem like she belonged there,” Steve said.

The crooks only made off with about $30, and Steve says this small amount of money makes the whole thing seem that much more unnecessary.

“There’s easier ways to make $30 or $40 people, there just is,” he said. “What do you need so bad that you’re not willing to work for a couple hours?”

The Nelson’s have no hopes of getting their money back but they do want to send a clear message.

“That it’s not just that easy to grab someone’s hard earned cash and bolt to the door without there being some consequences,” Steve said.

A police report was filed, but the police have no description of the suspects. They are asking anyone with information to come forward.