Rescue Underway For Two Stranded Hikers

SKAGIT COUNTY, WA – The Skagit County sheriff’s office says three rescue hikers are trying to reach two hikers stranded on a mountain ledge while a helicopter waits for a break in the weather.

The man, 33, and woman, 27, are stuck on an 18 inch ledge about 6,000 feet up on the Ptarmigan Traverse hiking route at Spire Point and have only one sleeping bag and part of a tent to keep them warm.

Rescue crews say they’ve made contact with them and that both are cold and tired and that the woman is in ‘dire’ condition.  

A navy helicopter tried to get to the hikers several times Wednesday, but weather conditions forced the chopper to head back after three rescue attempts.  

Rescuers will make about a 10 mile hike to get to the two.

The hikers’ names have not been released and officials are not sure say how they got stuck on the ledge.