Republic welcomes The Bug Chef as part of new Grasshopper Festival

Republic welcomes The Bug Chef as part of new Grasshopper Festival

Citizens of Republic will celebrate the science and fantasy of the grasshopper in the City’s first-ever Grasshopper Festival. The festival will take place over two weekends, kicking off on June 26th and 27th with The Bug Chef, David Gordon.

Gordon is the author of The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook and 20 other books. A resident of Seattle, he is known all over the world and has served insects at the 111th Annual Meeting of The Explorers Club in New York City, and helped to promote the movie The Box Trolls with an insects food truck.

Gordon will kick off the Grasshopper Festival with a 6:00 p.m. presentation in the Republic Library. The presentation is titled, Adventures in Entomophagy– Waiter, There’s NO Fly in My Soup!

The following day on Saturday, June 27 at 11:00 a.m. in the city park, The Bug Chef will do his popular Insects Cooking Demonstration. Those in attendance will be able to watch as Gordon cooks the bugs before their very eyes, and the most adventurous of the group will even be able to eat the insects.

The second weekend of The Grasshopper Festival will take place on July 24th and 25th in the city park in Republic. In the park will be a gathering of local artists and food sellers. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to sample grasshoppers and other bugs. Other things to do and see will include insect mask and pinata making, homemade musical instrument making, talks about bugs, natural grasshopper control information, an insects parade, contests and more. 

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