Republic police chief announces run for governor

Republic police chief announces run for governor

The current police chief of Republic has announced his plans to run for governor in Washington state.
Loren Culp is a U.S. Army Veteran and has served in law enforcement for many years. According to his campaign site, he is running with the intent of bringing “common sense to Olympia.”

Culp’s website lists a handful of issues he hopes to address if elected, including addiction and mental health, individual freedom and liberty, smaller government, lowering taxes and support for veterans and police.

Culp has been recognized locally and nationally from his vocal opposition to Initiative 1639, which was passed by Washington voters in 2018. The initiative made Washington’s gun laws some of the strictest in the nation. It raised the age limit for some gun purchases, enacted a safe storage provision that can lead to criminal charges if gun owners allow an unauthorized person access to gun displays or if an unauthorized person uses it to commit a crime, and extended the waiting period for people who want to buy a semi-automatic rifle.

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The initiative passed with a statewide approval of nearly 60 percent of the vote. In Ferry County, where Republic is located, 73 percent of voters said no to the measure, which was 2,542 votes against.

Culp has appeared on national television programs, including Tucker Carlson Tonight, saying the law is against the Second Amendment and his team of officers will not enforce it.

Culp has no previous government experience. According to his campaign site, “Career politicians have been running the government in Olympia for far too long, it’s time we elect more ‘We the People’ into government positions.

The next gubernatorial election in Washington state will be held on November 3, 2020. Current governor Jay Inslee is currently running for president.

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