Report: Washington leads the nation in potholes

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SPOKANE, Wash.– In the Inland Northwest, we get all the seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter and potholes. (Yes, we get construction season too, but for the sake of this story we’re going to leave it at these.) 

Right now, pothole season is in full swing. Don’t just take it from us or from your trip down the street, insurance quote website QuoteWizard says so too! In fact, it says Washington leads the nation when it comes to potholes.

The site said more people in the Evergreen State are Google searching potholes than any other. Its search has gone up 72-percent in the past 30 days.

Just last week the City of Spokane reported crews have filled in more than 150 potholes already in 2022.

It said there are pothole trucks covering both the north and south sides of the city during the day. They respond to reports made by street crews and people who report them.

You can report potholes to the city by calling 311 or using the MySpokane app. In the app, you can report where the pothole is, how bad it is and even send in a photo.

The City of Spokane also has a “Pothole Tracker” on its website that updates when crews make a repair.

QuoteWizard said nationally, postholes cost drivers $3 billion a year. It also said the average pothole repair bill if you hit one is $306.

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