Report: Idaho crime fell overall between 2019–2020, but violent crimes, hate crimes increased

BOISE, Idaho — Crime in Idaho was trending downward before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Idaho State Police’s annual crime report.

Overall, crime statewide has fallen 2.79% between 2019 and 2020. However, violent crimes have risen 7.94% and hate crimes rose 42.11%.

On a county-by-county basis, the makeup is a little different.

In Kootenai County, crime fell 22.94% since 2019, with major strides made in drug and narcotics arrests, theft arrests, assault and sexual assault arrests. Robberies and kidnappings remain unchanged, and gun violations went up slightly.

Kootenai’s five-year trend of reported offenses continues to improve, falling from 9,710 crimes in 2016 to 6,022 in 2020, a difference of 3,688 offenses. Arrests have fallen by 2,745 since 2019 alone.

Looking at the crime rate per 1,000 population, Nez Perce has seen a 12.88% decrease in crime, Benewah fell 13.51% and Latah fell 17.05%. As for the rest of North Idaho, Bonner County crimes have risen 2.65%, Boundary County rose 6.94%, Clearwater rose 29.73%, and Shoshone rose 44.88%.

You can read the full report on the Idaho State Police website.