Rep. McMorris Rodgers: President Biden is ‘doubling down on a socialist agenda’

Cathy Mcmorris Rodgers

SPOKANE, Wash. — Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers said, in her statement about President Joe Biden’s address, he was doubling down on a “socialist agenda for more radical spending and tax increases,” while claiming how certain policies will impact the country.

“Before the coronavirus pandemic and economic shutdowns, our economy was booming,” she said. “We had the hottest job market in half a century. Wages were rising and more jobs were available than people looking for work. More people – including a record number of women and people with disabilities – were coming off the sidelines and finding an opportunity for a better life.”

McMorris Rodgers said it was because they had lifted the “regulatory burden,” cut taxes and empowered people to make the best decisions for themselves. She added that as a result, there was optimism in America again.

“The hardworking people of this country are anxious for those days to return so they can get back to work and their children back in school,” she said. “Unfortunately, President Joe Biden appears to be doubling down on the socialist agenda for more radical spending and tax increases that are a far cry from what we know will drive real results.”

She claimed the Green New Deal would weaken the economic comeback, make the country more dependent on China and the threaten the livelihood of every American.

“This will hurt low-income families the most with high costs and lost jobs. We won’t win the future with his socialist agenda for more centralized planning and government control,” she said.