Remains Of Missing Woman Located Near Springdale

STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. – Authorities have recovered human remains in southern Stevens County that they believe belong to a woman reported missing a week ago.

Cheryl Hayward disappeared July 14, and was reported missing under suspicious circumstances. Tuesday,  her body was discovered in a wooded area off Cemetery Road south of Springdale in Stevens County.

Hayward’s ex-boyfriend Preston Rogers, Jr, is in the Stevens County Jail, booked on First Degree murder charges.

Friends say Hayward ended the relationship a month ago, and since the break up, Rogers attempted suicide twice and allegedly made comments that if he couldn’t have Hayward, no one could.

“She was my neighbor my friend and like a daughter to me,” Trish Cryboskey said. “She was sweet, kind, and she was my best friend and I’m going to miss her dearly.”

Cryboskey says Hayward moved in with Rogers 15 years ago, when Hayward was only 13 years old.  They lived in a trailer next door to Crybosky. Hayward moved out a month ago when she finally broke up with Rogers.

Cryboskey says Hayward just got her driver’s license and a car and found a new boyfriend. She was beginning a new life, but on July 14, Rogers convinced Hayward to give him a ride to the doctor’s office in Springdale and then to Deer Park.  She was never seen alive again. 

“He did have a temper and I’m sure it got away from him,” Crybosky said. He didn’t want her to leave and he was trying to retain her.”      

The day Hayward disappeared, Rogers was involved in a serious car crash. He was released from the hospital Tuesday, and Cryboskey says he then led Stevens County Sheriff’s detectives to where he hid Hayward’s body in the woods off Cemetery Road. It’s less than a mile from his trailer.

“Rumor has it, something was said, you could have walked over her one hundred times and never know she was there,” Cryboskey said.

The Stevens County Prosecutor said Rogers could appear in court to face first degree murder charges as early as Wednesday afternoon.