Record breaking heat starts now – Mark

If you thought it was hot, just wait.

An Excessive Heat Warning is now in effect and continues through Thursday.

Fri Heat Warning

Here’s a look at your 4 Things to Know:

  • Today is going to be sunny and HOT
  • We’re expecting triple digit temperatures throughout the weekend and well into next week
  • The Excessive Heat Warning is in effect through Thursday
  • If you’re feeling like you’ve never experienced this kind of heat, it’s because it’s never happened before. We’ll be setting records all of next week

Fri Mid 4 Things

Temperatures will swing up in the mid 90s.

Fri Rest Of

We’re just hot all over the region.

Fri Highs

Our record heat starts Saturday. Triple digit highs are expected through the end of next week and possibly longer.

Fri Planning 7 Day