Record $2.2 million raised for charity during annual AGDQ 2018 event

Record $2.2 million raised for charity during annual AGDQ 2018 event

The Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 event ended Saturday night raising over $ 2 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The week-long speed-running marathon is still tallying donations but so far according to Polygon, the event has raised $2,263,508.19, topping last year’s total by over $40,000.

In all, more than 32,000 people donated with hundreds of those people contributing more than $1,000 in a single donation.

The AGDQ event began in 2011 and every year, except for the 2016 event, has raised more money than the previous years. All the money goes to the Prevent Cancer Foundation and this is the second time the event has reached the $2 million mark.

The event itself is comprised of more than 150 speed runs across both new and old platforms by a multitude of runners. The entire event was streamed live 24/7 on A full list of the runs can be found here and Speed Demos Archive is uploading many of the runs to its YouTube channel.

The final day of the event included a two hour run of Bloodborne all bosses and a very close three-way 100 percent completion race of The Legend of Zelda. The event ended with a five-hour all main quest, no Amiibo run of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild by runner ATZ.

Throughout the event many items were given away as donation incentives including one of a kind art, game bundles, headsets, signed figurines and game codes.

The Next Games done quick event will be Summer Games Done Quick 2018 scheduled to take place June 24 to July 1.

According to Polygon the combined 19 Games Done Quick events have raised more than $14.5 million for charity.