Realtor Showing Homes In Style

SPOKANE — A real estate agent is using a new kind of gimmick to draw in potential home buyers in the Spokane area.

Last Winter Don McKinnon was looking for a way to get clients around town in style, and he came up with a new kind of ride. He bought a limousine and uses it on his house hunting trips.

“Its just kind of fun to play movie star, everyone stares and waves,” McKinnon said.

This kind of star treatment may seem over the top, but it certainly makes his clients happy.

“Some days we look at like three a day after work,” potential home buyer Brad Bailey said.

Bailey is looking for a home in the Audubon neighborhood.

“This is the kind of neighborhood you walk down the road and you’ll be safe,” Bailey said.

McKinnon acts exactly like a chauffer, and he makes sure he knows what his clients are looking for. Also, in between each home visit, there is plenty of time to discuss a client’s needs.

“You can sit down with your clients talk about houses and make it relaxed, and not do this red light, green light running around in cars,” McKinnon said.

The limo provides comfort as well as peace of mind.

“You don’t have the mass of two or three cars following you, you can talk while you’re driving,” Bailey said.

For McKinnon, it’s a way to stand out in a competitive business.

“You gotta set yourself apart and I’m providing something, I also provide four hours of chauffeured limousine service as part of closing gifts,” McKinnon said.

This new ride seems to be working for McKinnon and his business, although sometimes he does get requests for special occasions.

“A lot of birthday party requests,” McKinnon said.

McKinnon says house prices are coming down, and sellers are accepting offers below asking price. McKinnon hopes his limo will bring in more customers through this housing market downturn.